We dare to be different - do you?

We understand

Running a business can be lonely, and particularly if you work alone or if you are leading a growing team; it can feel like the world is on your shoulders and you are responsible for everything.

None of us like to feel worried, stressed, or out of our depth; but the fact is all of these emotions can be experienced when running and building your business.

We all want to feel secure, and to have pride and satisfaction in what we do and make a buck or two as we do it. Imagine if you had a ready-made team of experts around you, who can help with all areas of your business. Your very own trusted community.

Well the great news is you can.

How this all started

Advantia is a UK-wide family of business solutions providers. We've been doing things differently for over 30 years, taking the longer-view so our members stay ahead of competitors and have a measurable competitive advantage.

We have a reputation for creating innovative ground-breaking effective solutions.

Change? We don't fear it, we embrace it.

We are true to our values and we dare to be different to deliver proven benefits to our members, all whilst having unrivalled levels of experience from all sides of the business relationship:






We constantly seek to improve what we do and how we do it.

You choose how we help you


The perfect package for start up businesses and early stage business which supports the  essentials to get you started


A standard membership designed for our established dealers who are  refocused and ready to grow


Our premium membership giving you full advantage to connect and network  with a trusted community.

Our Members Stories

Dawn Collin

You don’t just become an Advantia member, you become an Advantia friend. As an industry ‘newbie’ the Advantia team have always gone the extra mile to help our business thrive. With an abundance of collective knowledge, they are never short of an answer to any of our questions from the head office team or indeed the other members - and it’s always given with a welcome smile. We have developed a great partnership with Advantia and their dedication to our business is evident. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach, not to mention their industry expertise. I can honestly say that they have enabled us, coached us, and given us the confidence to get us to the place we are today. And it is a good one!

Gary Smith

Advantia have been a great support to all of our business decisions. We are always getting approached by other buying groups but none of them offer what Advantia can do. Being able to call or email Advantia and getting an immediate response is something we highly value and don’t want to lose. As soon as you become a member, you are a member of Advantia to a Supplier, they instantly treat us better. We have been through many changes during our time, but still stand by our decision to support everything Advantia do.

Tracey Kemp

Advantia are like a comfort blanket. I could never imagine not being part of our Group - we are like one big family! The head office team is priceless; they understand the fact that each of our businesses are different in size and that our needs differ, yet they understand all our needs, frustrations, fears and the support they give is endless. From product support, staffing support, training, business guidance and help through both the good and especially in the hard times. Their never-ending belief in us and keeping us ahead in our industry and reassurances. They are a part of 'us' and a very valuable part of our team.

Eric Kerr

We have been with Advantia since our inception in 2012 and with their help and support we have grown year on year. We looked at other buying groups before we started trading and Advantia covered all bases for us. We definitely made the correct choice.

Andy Kennedy

The Advantia team has a wealth of knowledge and experience and provide me with all of the help and support that I need to grow my business. I can pick the phone up to the team and it is like talking to a friend; they listen, they help, they understand my business needs and they make me feel valued.


Come and have a cuppa and see how we can help you make it happen.