Jules White

Live It, Love It, Sell It

I have been working with the leadership team at Advantia since October and it has been an absolute pleasure. The team are completely dedicated to Advantia and their members, and have a wonderful way in which they care about everything they do. With such a diverse and complementary skill set, they always prove that teamwork is what drives this great business.

We have come on a journey together and have created a real and authentic message which represents everything about the UHP (Unique Human Proposition®), that this business represents, and they don't just say what they do, they live it, every day.

I'm very proud to have worked alongside all of them and I'm excited for the members who will have this team as their extended business family. You will never be alone in business when you're part of Advantia.

Thank you all for being uniquely you.

Ian Haywood


UKOS have been a fiercely independent dealer for over 20 years, specialising in the corporate market. We joined Advantia in May 2020, after having been in discussion with them for some time. 

We really like the people and the culture and, having never joined a buying group before despite many conversations, we feel Advantia are a great fit for us.

We hope and expect we can also bring something to the group and deliver some mutual benefit.  Joining together was an obvious choice.

Kim Thurgood-Brown

Exertis Supplies

What has been really impressive during the first year of our Partnership with Advantia, is the passion and commitment shown by the Advantia management Team towards their Dealers. Second best is never accepted. 

The willingness and desire to collaborate at every level and area of business is evident. Their collective input has and continues to help us model a strong and sustainable wholesale partner for the future.

Simon Howarth

DAMS Furniture

We’ve developed a great working relationship with the team at Advantia and have always been impressed at their dedication to helping members grow their businesses and increase sales. 

In the last year, during difficult trading times, we’ve seen double digit growth with Advantia members and this is testament to the proactive approach of the Advantia group and the way their members work together collectively to benefit each other.